About Angela

Greetings. My passion and purpose is to help people to love themselves.

I target professionals who are tired of being perfectionists and 'control freaks', and are ready to shift into being productive with less effort and more ease.

I fulfill my purpose with a mix of professional speaking, high-end coaching, and management consulting.

I speak to a variety of audiences, whether it be corporate or general motivational audiences on the value of letting go of perfection, letting go of the stress and drama, and creating more ease. I speak about being an 'Elegant Manager' rather than a 'Perfect Manager', one that experiences effortless efficiency and an ease in productivity.

An integral part of self-love is understanding the difference between discipline and abuse, especially self-abuse. I bring awareness to the mind's tendency to act as our 'inner bully'. I help transform and quiet this inner bully, so that our minds can be our best critic rather than our worst critic.

As a child, I was raised in a strict, sometimes abusive environment which encouraged me to become a "Perfect Chinese Princess" rather than to embrace who I really was. Through that experience I learned the difference between discipline and abuse, and I didn't realize until later in my adult life just how abusive I had become, both to myself and others. My recovery from that, to become my happy, authentic self, is a journey I like to help others to take.

As part of my recovery from "Perfect Princess Syndrome", I have spent the last 20 years spending about a week per month to grow myself as a person. I am a Certified Apprentice Teacher of The Wonders, which means I walk my talk and can help you to do the same.

I am creating material on the topics of the "Perfect Manager"/"Elegant Manager", "Perfect Princess Syndrome" and "When Discipline Becomes Abuse". If you have an abusive story (work, health, athletics, family, relationships) with a happy and thriving ending; contact me and we can see if there is a fit with my message.

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